WOW BJO #02 ft. Lindah Nyirenda, Salah Ibnou Kacemi (NoMoBs) & Loopnah Kaya

Brussels Jazz Orchestra & KVS

For the second time, Brussels Jazz Orchestra and KVS pull together to create “We Orchestrate Words”: from jazz through slam to hip hop and back. Leading orchestra meets urban artists. For this second edition, we present you Lindah Nyirenda, Salah Ibnou Kacemi (NoMoBs), and – to round off – Loopnah Kaya.

WOW – short for “We Orchestrate Words” – serves as an incubator for fresh and innovative discoveries on Brussels’ urban scene. WOW eagerly draws inspiration from a variety of cultures and genres and is fuelled by improvisation. Spoken word artists rap, scat and create silky-smooth rhymes, Brussels Jazz Orchestra responds and adds compositional structure, while turntablists and soundscape artists do their thing. Worlds are interwoven into a contemporary soundtrack for the Brussels metropolis.



Lindah Nyirenda

Lindah Nyirenda (VRT/Wolven Van La Mancha) has performed widely all over the country. Her latest performances include a spoken word session in S.M.A.K. museum in Ghent during Museumnacht, a live performance on Radio 2 for National Poetry Day, and a spoken word session at the Afropolitan Festival in Bozar. Furthermore, Lindah has recorded, edited and hosted several shows for the weekly university radio Her episodes “Wolvinnen van La Mancha” address themes such as gender and race discrimination as well as freedom from political, religious, cultural and sexual oppression. As part of the poetry organisation Urban Woorden, Lindah teaches slam poetry workshops at schools. 

Salah Ibnou Kacemi

Salah Ibnou Kacemi (NoMoBs) created his first beats and lyrics in his own room as a solo artist. A member of NoMoBS since 2012, Salah produces the beats, and raps and slams in Dutch and English. The name NoMoBS criticises the contemporary hip hop culture with its empty lyrics. Contrary to this, NoMoBS’ lyrics flow straight from the lives the members led as they grew up in Kiel. Salah also played in the theatre performances Troost (SIN Collectief), Wachten op Ghorro and Rumble in da Jungle (KVS). 

Loopnah Kaya

Loopnah Kaya is a singer/songwriter based in Brussels with over a decade of experience in the music industry. Her sound showcases influences that range from Soul, Hip hop, RnB and Jazz to Gnaoua and Arabic music, as well as electronic music. Her first EP, Purple Bedroom Tape, appeared in 2014 and was recorded by Loubna and produced by Melbourne-based Sheikk, featuring artists such as the Belgian rapper G-saw and the Australian spoken word artist Samar. Since then, Loopnah Kaya’s name has been tied to various other projects, such as Ozi One’s record The O and a feature with producer Dave Luxe, Grünt, and the Canadian Label PlayItLouder. She is currently working on her second EP. 

Brussels Jazz Orchestra

The Brussels Jazz Orchestra (°1993), led by Frank Vaganée, performs jazz with a dynamic orchestral sound rooted in the jazz tradition. As the country’s only large professional jazz orchestra, BJO has a reputation that stretches from Singapore to New York, being a welcome guest at festivals and concert venues all over the world. The Orchestra has recorded some 20 CDs so far, with great international acclaim. Prizes include a shared Oscar for the silent film The Artist (2012) and two Grammy nominations for their Wild Beauty CD with Joe Lovano (2014).


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