The Ferris wheel is turning, the gluhwein is hot and the trees are enlightened. This can only mean one thing. Indeed, Winter Wonders and the Christmas market is taking over the city of Brussels until the end of December. 

The new photobook South Africa at Liberty is now on the market. This book features the work of South African photographer Yasser Booley.

KVS would like to give 'the city’ a central place in its activities. Three 'city dramaturges’ will link the stage to the scenes, the streets of Brussels and inspiring partners and cities abroad.

Like so many thousands of migrants, Kamyon will journey across Europe. This weekend, Kamyon played in sunny Brno (Czech Republic). All images © Catherine Vervaecke

"Screens get a bad rap for breaking down communication lines and making humans more isolated. But if those lines just aren’t available face to face, Sachli Gholamalizad uses them ingeniously to build them back up again in unexpected ways."