Vote for our first pop-up chef!

KVS, as Brussels’ city theatre, is first and foremost an open house. Open to a city that embraces the world. Open on and off scene, at all levels of the organisation. Now we also open up our kitchen in Café Congo. Several candidates applied and we selected three of them. Each one will try our kitchen and you can help us decide who will be our first pop-up chef in January! 


Tuesday 05.12.2017 - Mous Leblanc

Hello! I’m Mous and I’m not a chef.
I’m not a carpenter, slate cutter or diving instructor either. How else could I make you dream of climbing church towers or diving in the depths of the ocean? :) I like to serve and to please others, I like heights and depths and the colour blue.

Tasting what the sea, the earth and the air of the four corners of the world have to offer us, giving you new memories with aromas, tastes and colours, putting a smile on your face… This is the challenge I want to take up together with you!

I will offer you a culinary journey taking in the five continents. Vegetarian, vegan or carnivore? You love food? That suits me fine, because I truly enjoy making you dream ;) See you soon at Café Congo.

Monday 11.12.2018 - Jules Lavergne

A stage, several acts, stage left, stage right: theatre exists only for and by means of its audience. It is no different with cooking. Feeding one, feeding another, letting a project grow in its early stages, cooking that is constantly questioned. The attitude to the meat, changing the produce into a process of reflection. How can, should and shall I give the other food to eat?

The cooking
Deliberate. Logical, well-thought-out and restrained. Local cooking (with 99% Belgian produce), short food supply chain, high-quality seasonal products (organic agriculture, at the very least), support for small companies.
Experimental. The taste is ordinary, well-considered, variable. It is shaped by experiment, underpinned by fundamental theoretical and technical knowledge.
Sensitive. Rugged and special. Lively and colourful. Balanced. The kitchen becomes a place for spontaneous creation, a forum, a laboratory for expression.

Monday 18.12.2018 - James Martin

My cooking style is South-African. This is cookery that emerged from several waves of colonisation, dating back in 1652 when the Dutch came,we also have Malay,French,British,Indian,Portuguese and of course the indigenous kitchen from 11 different tribes. So very colourful hence why we are referred to as the rainbow nation.