Valentijn Dhaenens about Domestica

I lived through my parents’ divorce and, unlike many other people, I experienced it as a kind of deliverance. A deliverance from the tension and fear that I experienced as a child when my parents were often living at odds with each other. I remember lying in bed and hearing my parents downstairs raising their voices or even crying sometimes. 

At times like that, all feelings of protection and trust fell away and I would have liked to have got divorced from my parents myself; to have packed a rucksack, set off down the nearby motorway in my go-cart, and got as far away from them as possible. I still find it difficult to bear a certain type of argument. 

It doesn’t matter what context it is in, but if certain frequencies are reached in a difficult discussion, I am often gripped by that same desire to flee. I think that this emotional fascination is my main reason for creating this performance, in the hope of exposing part of the terror that can cause me – and no doubt many other people – so much anxiety.