Citylab Pianofabriek, KVS, D’Broej

SYSTEM_D is a festival for up-and-coming young talents. It takes us on a journey of discovery through Brussels, seen through the lens of its youth. It deliberately chooses an eclectic and raw offering without formal requirements. Prepare for an uncensored festival full of fiction, videoclips and documentaries. 

KVS rolls out the red carpet for the fourth edition of SYSTEM_D. A selection of videoclips, documentaries, short films and animations is shown on 14, 15 and 16 December. Four prizes await four winners: three picked by a professional jury, one awarded by the audience. 

1.    You are young (in spirit)
2.    You did not go to film school
3.    Your film takes place in Brussels

There are no formal requirements for the video you want to send us. You get to pick the medium and the carrier for the preselection. 
Fire up your imagination and register before 31 October 2018:


17:00 > 19:30 Minuut Quartier
20:30 > 00:30 Opening

15.12.2018 - 14:00 > 01:00

16.12.2018 - 14:00 > 00:00

GRATIS / GRATUIT / FREE (14.12.2018) – € 5 (15 & 16.12.2018)