Suite n°3 – Europe

Encyclopédie de la parole / Joris Lacoste / Pierre-Yves Macé

How can the unacceptable, horror or other people’s pain be represented? In response to this question that runs through the history of art and haunts those who attempt to understand and change the world, Encyclopédie de la parole uses its weapons: human words and music. After the brilliant Suite n°1 and Suite n°2, which both premiered at the Kunstenfestivaldesarts, the French collective continues to draw from its collection of sound documents that are an inventory of ‘orality in all its forms’. Today it is interested in the words people don’t want to hear. Verbal attacks, anti-migrant or homophobic rhetoric, nationalist poetry or condescending sermons, Suite n°3 – Europe brings to the stage and puts into music 26 songs in the 24 official languages of the European Union. The show takes the form of a recital performed by two actor-singers and a pianist, in the tradition of lovely European salons, but whose melodies bring to our ears all the viciousness, gore, violence and hatred that also make up our European reality. Unbearably brilliant.

€ 18
€ 15 (-25/65+)

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Artist talk 20.05.2018  – 17:00 

All official EU languages
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