Sept Mouvements Congo

Michael Disanka

Chronicle of a young Kinois. The actor, director and writer Michael Disanka (°1987) is one of the most inspiring of today’s Congolese voices. Since studying at the National Institute for the Arts in Kinshasa, where he was born, Disanka has emerged as a true chronicler of his generation. 

In this production he reports on the recent history of his country in words, images and music. The theme is the road to change, with hope as an essential foundation, on a residue of despair.

Five young artists from the Collectif d’Artd’Art sing of their rage and fear and dance to save their lives. They mock the harsh reality of everyday life in the Congo in a story that is evidence of their turbulent existence. Not a single aspect of life in this part of the world escapes their tirade.



In Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere, a generation of young artists are writing their own histories, of their lives and of their homelands. They are creating alternatives, inspired both by current events and by the past. They effortlessly blend languages, forms, and styles, and they don’t shy away from any of the issues.

CONNEXION BXL presents work by both upcoming talent and established artists who have an enormous amount to offer Europe. There is no pessimism here, but energy, creativity, and determination. Surprising, inspiring and… imperative.

Presented by CONNEXION BXL, Kaaitheater, KVS, Beursschouwburg, Bozar, Jazz Station & RITCS

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