Saint Amour 2019

Behoud de Begeerte

In 2019, Saint Amour celebrates its 25th edition. The anniversary will be a celebration of love itself: many-faced, undefinable and simply hard enough. Behoud de Begeerte embraces the wealth of contributions that will be written about love in the near future: young or well-established, courtly or frank, domestic or foreign – but all of it equally alien. And of course love also finds its way to the screen, the entr’actes and finally the audience, whose velvet love seats are ready to be plumped. 

Have already signed up: Philippe Claudel, Radna Fabias, Tommy Wieringa, Bregje Hofstede and Delphine Lecompte. 

€ 25 (cat.1) / € 22 (cat.2)
€ 22 (cat.1) / € 18 (cat.2) / € 13 (-26)