Rise up and vote for Malcolm X!

Malcolm X, a KVS creation by the trio of Junior Mthombeni, Fikry El Azzouzi and Cesar Janssens, was received with great enthusiasm by both public and press last autumn, and has now been nominated for the Mixity Awards!

Malcolm X is a multilingual theatre concert and a unique joint project by talented performers from Brussels, Antwerp, Amsterdam, London and elsewhere. Through the medium of such urban art forms as slam poetry and hip hop, the artists transposed Malcolm X’s struggle to today’s city. At the same time they closely examined both his legacy and contemporary society.

This production, which has been labelled ‘historic’, has now been nominated for the Mixity Awards in the ‘TOF EVENT’ category. The theme of MIXITY.brussels 2017 is diversity and its purpose is to spotlight the cosmopolitan city of Brussels that is home to 183 nationalities. In other words, in the capital of Europe you can feel the world’s heartbeat.

You can vote for your favourite event in the ‘MIXITY TOF EVENT’ category until 31 March. So go for it – vote for Malcolm X!

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