The results of the audience survey are available!

In April a great many of you took part in our audience survey (no less than 820 people filled in the questionnaire completely!), and we can already give you a few interesting results. We are in any case taking account of all your recommendations and trying as far as possible to incorporate them into our operations.

Together rather than alone

We tried to find out what you take into consideration before deciding to come to see a performance. We were able to see that you like to come with friends and family. You definitely feel that attending a performance is a social experience. Unfortunately you do not always have the time to fit in a visit to a show, and for a number of you the price is sometimes too high. Did you know that the under-26s pay only 9 euro for a ticket? And fortunately we were able to reward five respondents with free double tickets! In their case at least the price of a ticket is no longer an excuse ;-).

Fans of our newsletter

You clearly prefer to be informed of cultural activities by means of newsletters and the website than by any other means. You devotedly open our monthly e-mail and like to read about new productions on our website. It is striking that positive reviews in the newspapers can also persuade you to come to the KVS.

As from next season we shall be renewing our newsletters to include exclusive stories and will be tracking down the people behind the scenes. In addition, we shall be pulling the curtain aside so that you get a better view of how a production is put together. In April we invite you personally to the presentation of the new season, where you can get to know our artists. You can already subscribe here to our newsletter so that you don’t miss anything.

What could be done better?

Although we received a huge number of approving reactions to our work and our programme, there were also a few suggestions about what we could do even better. For instance, in the future you would like to be able to enjoy a good meal before each performance. Most of you suggested that food could be provided in the KVS itself, but some were more creative and would occasionally even like it to a real food-truck festival! We can already tell you that there will be plenty to eat at the premiere of L’Homme de la Mancha. Apart from that, here is a list of attractive restaurants in the neighbourhood. There is also great demand for extra parking near the theatre. For this purpose we have drawn up an overview of where you can leave your car! Lastly, you are keen to receive a reminder of the performances for which you have bought tickets. As from next year we shall certainly be seeing to that!