Rêve et folie

Claude Régy

An aesthete of silence and a sculptor of language, Claude Régy elevates theatre to its most radical essence and gets it to say the unsayable. In Rêve et Folie, he is concluding his research into the far reaches of consciousness. The dazzling life of the Austrian poet Georg Trakl is characterised by plenty of examples of him overstepping the mark and breaking taboos. Plagued by drug addiction, alcoholism and incest, he suffered from bouts of insanity and was obsessed with his own self-destruction, dying of a cocaine overdose at the age of 27 when serving on the front as a pharmacist in the First World War. His language is riven with the contradictions that dominated his life, while his phrases act against one another and his images clash together, producing strange associations. In this long poem by Trakl, Régy continues his exploration of that place in man “beyond darkness” and opens up dark expanses that dazzle us with sudden bursts of clarity.

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€20 (-25/65+)
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Claude Régy in dialogue with young theatre-makers: 
Lecture & film screening 17/05 at 19:00 at Cinema Galeries.