Orphic Exuberance versus Solar Capitalism

Leandro Nerefuh / Caetano / Cecilia Lisa Eliceche

The sun and its images are often used and associated with narratives of progress and productivity. They create what is defined as a solar capitalism, an attempt to take hold of the solar myth: the light, the movement of the earth, water tides and all animal coitus become a capitalist machine, and even cosmologies are at the risk of being colonized. A group of performers from different disciplines (dance, performance, sound,…) embarks on a journey that wishes to reclaim a non-productive – and almost destructive – presence of the sun. They freely merge archaic, pre-capitalist and futuristic imaginary. Is it possible to narrate a myth exceeding the simple use of language, articulated by magnificent costumes, movements, animals and tropical rhythm? For their last two (and longer) performances they invite others to create an unexpected moment beyond the limits of a single form. Exuberant.


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Meet the artists after the performance on 07.05.2018