From Molenbeek with Love

Yassin Mrabtifi

Yassin Mrabtifi brings together pop culture, contemporary dance, film, martial arts and hip hop in his work. From Molenbeek with Love is his first solo performance as a choreographer and dancer. Yassin develops a quirky and accessible artistic idiom, a blend of urban and contemporary dance and stand-up comedy. In From Molenbeek with Love he enters into a dialogue with the audience about the influence of
art on society and identity and about his home community of Molenbeek in Brussels.

Yassin Mrabtifi has been dancing since he was thirteen. He is an autodidact who always goes in search of his own style. Like many other hip hop dancers, Yassin learned styles like popping, locking and breakdance in train and metro stations in Brussels. At the age of twenty he founded the group Bahod Family with which he and his friends participated in various breakdance battles. Three years later, and together with Milan Emmanuel, he founded No Way Back. In 2011 he created the performance Insane Solidarity together with Julien Carlier. Apart from this, over the next few years Yassin was active on the street theatre circuit with the production Les Polissons. In 2013 he tried his luck and auditioned with Ultima Vez, Wim Vandekeybus’ company. Since then he has appeared in Vandekeybus’ productions Talk to the Demon and Spiritual Unity. Since 2016 he has also danced in the revival of In Spite of Wishing and Wanting.

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