From Molenbeek with Love

Yassin Mrabtifi

In From Molenbeek With Love, Yassin Mrabtifi will be appearing alone on stage for the first time. As a man, choreographer and dancer, he looks for ways of interacting with and building bridges between people and communities. Yassin also really seeks out this interaction and engages in conversation with the audience on society and identity, on the influence art has on them, on Molenbeek, his home neighbourhood in Brussels, and much more.

Dance is Yassin’s language and tool. It is a language infected by hip hop, vogueing, contemporary dance and theatre. An accessible and highly personal blend that he links to film and martial arts. A language that is constantly in motion, exactly like Yassin himself. And it is a tool with which he asks questions, reflects, breaks down, builds up, redefines, tells stories, forges bonds, and seeks beauty.

In 2013, Yassin by chance found himself at an audition for Wim Vandekeybus / Ultima Vez for Talk to the Demon. Until that moment the street had been his dance school. He was selected: the Ultima Vez studios became his second home, the staff and dancers his second family. In earlier performances, Yassin had already been exploring themes like identity, community and society together with the audience, but Ultima Vez encouraged him to experiment further with various techniques to express what he wanted to say. It is from this space, an ideal place for a new quest for humanity and representation, that Yassin created his solo From Molenbeek With Love.

A sincere and tender dialogue, a quest for love from and for the other, beyond prejudice.


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