The Lexicon of our City Dramaturges

In a genuine essay style, the KVS city dramaturges Kristin Rogghe, Tunde Adefioye and Gerardo Salinas guide you through what we are offering in the new theatre season.

Each will in turn provide some background to what will be on at KVS in 2017-18. They will take as their basis the three key terms decolonisation, intersectionality and new urbanity. These terms are not intended as exhaustive labels that cover specific productions, but as conceptual frameworks that help define what we are engaged in and help support our reflection on and shaping of reality and the future.

KRISTIN ROGGHE on decolonisation
"To decolonise is a verb: everyone can put it into practice in their own field. It is a process of realisation that leads to other ways of thinking and acting." Read more

Tips: Mission | Het leven en de werken van Leopold II | Fractured Memory | Kuzikiliza

TUNDE ADEFIOYE on intersectionality
"We have to strive to create the terminologies that best capture our convoluted existence. By better understanding the intersections of people’s realities, we as a theatre are also more capable of making theatre more accessible to individuals from different communities by working with them." Read more

Tips: Beyond the Binary | NOSHEHEORIT

GERARDO SALINAS on new urbanity
"Our artistic spectrum is immensely enriched because of this urbanisation and the migration surges and new technologies. As a consequence, new artistic practices emerge, from, among others, people who were moulded into artists in another country and from the self-taught who often experiment with new forms and artistic languages. they keep their finger on the pulse of the changing city." Read more

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Image © Bas Bogaerts