Wouter Deprez

After fifteen years of performing it’s time for a rediscovery.
What do I most like doing?
Telling anecdotes, talking nonsense, improvising a bit, singing primitive songs.
With the appetite of the beginner and the experience of the old stager.
I wanted to do separate sketches, but again they have fused together into a story.
I’m writing this during the preparatory stages.
Just now I wrote a new piece for the show, about how sporty I feel every time I go to a sports shop.
Before that I did some voice exercises.
Early this morning I went jogging.
Five kilometres, to get in shape for the stage.
Come along and see it.
I can’t wait to tell you everything.

Wouter (Deprez)


This is what the press wrote about his previous show:
‘A rare gem’ – Cutting Edge
‘As disturbing as it is moving’ – Humo
‘Insistent, radical, touching’ – De Redactie
‘Rich and many-layered. – De Standaard
‘An hour and half of Olympic gold’ – Krant van West-Vlaanderen

€ 25 (cat. 1) / €22 (cat. 2)
€ 22 (cat. 1) / € 18 (cat. 2) / € 13 (-26)