Le Coran expliqué aux bruxellois

Rachid Benzine

The Koran: everyone is talking about it, but who has actually read the book? Rachid Benzine is a French-Moroccan philosopher and celebrated ex-kick boxer with masses of charisma and a high degree of urbanity. He is the author of Les nouveaux penseurs de l'islam (2004) and Le Coran expliqué aux jeunes (2013).

In 4 sessions, he puts the Koran into its historical context and explores its contemporary meaning. He weeds out several deep-rooted myths by means of his historical-anthropological approach.

05.12.2017: The Koran in Mecca
12.12.2017: The Koran in Medina
02.03.2018: The Koran in relation to other religions
06.03.2018: The Koran and violence