Kunstendag voor kinderen: Workshop ‘Ten Dans’

Seppe Baeyens (Ultima Vez)

Together with an intergenerational group of participants and the choreographer Seppe Baeyens (Ultima Vez), you explore the possible meanings of ‘being together’ using dance as a medium. You will learn more about sharing space, making a connection and relating to others. Themes such as encounter, attachment and community serve as starting points for the creation of a collective choreography.

At 4.30 pm, at the end of the workshop, we shall invite the public to watch.

This workshop offers a unique insight into the working process behind the dance performance INVITED, which premieres at KVS on 23 February 2018. The cast and musicians of INVITED will also be present.

For people of all ages (8 years and older)
No dance experience required
2 to 5 pm, with a public presentation at 4.30 pm
Book for the workshop by sending an email to Sam De Wit before 5 November. Don't forget to mention your age. 
Book for the interactive presentation via the ticket link. Everybody is welcome!