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Fikry El Azzouzi (Temse, 1978) is a writer known for his columns (in De Morgen, De Standaard and elsewhere), novels and plays. His debut, Het Schapenfeest, was published in 2010 and was highly praised. In 2014 it was followed by the novel Drarrie in de nacht, which has been translated into several languages and was nominated for the Golden Owl. It became a true bestseller in Germany.


El Azzouzi has now written about ten plays. He won the performing arts prize for authors for the play IJdele dagen. For both the play Reizen Jihad and the novel Drarrie in de nacht, he was awarded the Ark Prize for Free Expression in 2015. Together with his company Jr.cE.sA.r he also made Malcolm X, which has been called a piece of theatre history. Together with this company he also made the stage version of Drarrie in de nacht, adapted from his novel. His last novel, Alleen Zij, is the final part of a trilogy whose first two parts are Het Schapenfeest and Drarrie in de nacht. Fikry El Azzouzi is one of the KVS-Faces and wrote the text for Malcolm X, Salam and Drarrie in de nacht.