Freshest of chefs!

New Year, new chef! Gitte Hendrikx previously (wo)manned the pots in our canteen, from now on she’ll be taking on Café Congo’s kitchen. She will offer a variety of veggie and meat-based dishes.   

Café Damascus

It’s time to introduce our next pop-up chef! Abdell Baset will be stirring our pots starting Monday 6 August, presenting you with specialties from his homeland Syria.

Café Ramallah

A new spring, a new chef in our pop-up café! From May 7th former KVS-colleague Nicole Petit gives us a taste of the cuisine of the Middle East.


KVS, as Brussels’ city theatre, is first and foremost an open house. Open to a city that embraces the world. Open on and off scene, at all levels of the organisation. Now we also open up our kitchen in Café Congo.