Fikry El Azzouzi

Fikry El Azzouzi (° Sint-Niklaas, 1978) is an author well-known for his columns (e.g. in the De Morgen newspaper), novels and plays. His first novel, Het Schapenfeest, was published by van Gennep in 2010. It was followed by Drarrie in de nacht, which was nominated for the Golden Owl. Some of his writings have been adapted for the stage by t,arsenaal mechelen, including IJdele Dagen (2012), directed by Mesut Arslan, and De handen van Fatma (2014) directed by Michael De Cock. In 2013, El Azzouzi joined the SinCollectief and wrote material for their productions Troost, Rumble in da Jungle and Reizen Jihad. For the last of the three, and for his novel Drarrie in de nacht, he was awarded the 65th Ark Prize by Het Vrije Woord in 2015. At the request of De Nieuwe Amsterdam he recently wrote the script for PAX Europa, a production that opened in Amsterdam at the end of March 2016 with a cast that included Sabri Saad El Hamus and Junior Mthombeni.

Fikry El Azzouzi is one of the KVS-Faces and wrote the text for Malcolm X , Salam and Drarrie in de nacht.

When you were a child, what did you want to become?

Zidane was my hero. I dreamt of being a professional footballer with Barcelona. The circumstances were such that it didn’t work out, but it’s still a dream of mine – it helps me to fall asleep.

What was your most unforgettable experience on stage?

The novel Drarrie in de nacht. I never thought it would be such a success. After numerous nominations, sales and translations, I’m still surprised by how many young people who I would never have thought would have read it actually really enjoyed the book. This gives me a strange feeling, but mostly it’s a good feeling.

Who would be a hero to you now?

True activists who are completely self-effacing and who fight against poverty, discrimination or injustice. I have a great deal of respect for people like that.

What does it mean to you to perform in Malcolm X at the KVS?

We need Malcolm’s indignation and pugnacity.