The festival summer of KVS

Think of festivals and you’re thinking of music. But it might just as easily be theatre. After all, there are several theatre festivals on this summer. Although no performances will be on at the KVS itself during the summer months, you won’t have to miss us entirely! Several of our productions have after all been selected for theatre festivals. Enjoy the sun, sea, beach and a dose of theatre in Ostend, Antwerp and Amsterdam!
Theater aan Zee (25.7 > 4.8.2018)
On the Belgian coast you can delight in Josse De Pauw’s latest creation, The Blind. In this play a group of blind people are waiting for their leader, who is sighted. But will he ever come to their aid? Do they actually need him? You can see this, the final part of De Pauw’s trilogy/triphony in Ostend on 26, 27, 28 or 29 July.
Still in Ostend, Pitcho Womba Konga will once again be performing his acclaimed theatre debut, Kuzikiliza, coproduced by KVS. ‘Our independence was a decisive step on the road to the emancipation of all mankind.’ Inspired by the independence speech given by the first Congolese Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba, Kuzikiliza reflects on the the still ongoing process of docolonisation. A theatre production with dance, music and plenty of humour that you really should not miss. Treat your eyes and ears on 27 or 28 July.
As well as theatre at the seaside, you can also enjoy dance there too. The KVS Face Lisbeth Gruwez is presenting The Sea Within. ‘A realistic and 100% feminine bomb packed with sensuality.’ This time Lisbeth will not be dancing herself, but has created a choreography for a group of female dancers. You can watch the show on 31 July and 1 August.
The Theatre Festival (30.8 > 9.9.2018)
The Theatre Festival jury has also selected a number of works they would like to show this summer. Seppe BaeyensInvited will in fact be opening the festival! The jury was enthusiastic about it because a real bond is created between its maker and the audience. ‘Invited creates an intimacy among strangers, though they may be fellow citizens or partners in misfortune. Theatre that can bring about something like this quite naturally is so unusual that it leaves you speechless.’ Share in the wonder at this performance by taking part yourself or just watch from the sidelines on 30 August or 1 September.
The Belgian Theatre Festival is also adopting two pieces selected for other festivals: Para (selected for the Dutch Theatre Festival) and Kuzikiliza (selected for Circuit X). You can see Para on 30 and 31 August, and Kuzikiliza on 8 September.
The Dutch Theatre Festival (6 > 16.9.2018)
The jury of the Dutch Theatre Festival was wildly enthusiastic about Para, the latest production by Bruno Vanden Broecke. David Van Reybrouck wrote this monologue for a parachute commando, and it was directed by Raven Ruell. The jury was convinced of its quality: ‘An impressive, incredibly good play which, through the medium of a failed Belgian UN mission, tells the story of mankind’s failed mission to restrain each other from doing evil.’ Vanden Broecke was even nominated for a Louis d’Or for the best leading male role!
Salam, written by the KVS Face Fikry El Azzouzi, was also well received at the Dutch Theatre Festival and so will be on in the Netherlands again. ‘It was a brilliant invention to trace the very beginning of two faiths back to a dispute between brothers. This quarrel is the basis of current major global conflicts. And now of a dazzling, magnificent production that gives the word ‘theatre’ all the splendour it deserves’, so says the jury report.

For those who like to travel a bit farther away: Sachli Gholamalizad plays A reason to talk at the Festival Grec in Barcelona, on July 24 & 25. Valentijn Dhaenens will be playing Unsung in August at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh.