To dream the impossible dream

This spring we asked several of our artists what imagination and power mean to them. Their answers can be found in the following pages: the exciting texts by Fikry El Azzouzi, Rojo Córdova, Do Nsoseme Dora, Sukina Douglas, Sachli Gholamalizad and Pitcho Womba Konga are your guideposts throughout this paper. Each one of them is connected to KVS. By old and new work. Pitcho created the widely praised Kuzikiliza last season, while Fikry made Drarrie in de Nacht with his companions from Jr.cE.sA.r. SLOW#03 saw Do shine on stage, and Sukina, Sachli and Rojo will be creating new work, for which you can find a sneak peek in this paper. 

But the theme of their texts wasn’t chosen by accident. Those in this country subject to voting duty will be entering the voting booth twice this season. That means propaganda and election fever will be running rife. What can culture, imagination and poetry achieve in this at times confusing and troubling world? A lot, in our opinion. Because it’s in our imagination, in our stories, in our deepest, most intimate dreams that we find ourselves most vulnerable, most human, most ourselves. 

This paper, once again designed by Amira Daoudi – also responsible for our posters – lets you hold the whole season in your hands. Together with La Monnaie we are opening with L’Homme de La Mancha; our ode to imagination, to Jacques Brel and to Cervantes. The latter created in Don Quixote a mysterious character that continues to capture our imagination and inspire us centuries later. No character in world history so boldly embodies limitless imagination as the man from La Mancha. 

Between L’Homme de La Mancha in September and Let Us Believe in the Beginning of the Cold Season in May – the latter ‘our’ Sachli Gholamalizad’s new show – you’ll find a wide range of KVS-creations and co-productions, dance and theatre, stories and dreams... We show new work by Lisbeth Gruwez, Josse De Pauw, Moya Michael, Wim Vandekeybus, Les Mybalés and Bruno Vanden Broecke, and welcome international artists including the Chilean theatre maker Guillermo Calderón and the young Canadian choreographer Daina Ashbee. 

This is but a fraction of our overwhelming offer this season. Let yourself be inspired by this paper, discover our artists through fascinating interviews... and later on stage, at KVS.
There’s much at play this season. 

Michael De Cock