De Vloed (NL)


De Vloed is set on the coast. There is a house by the sea inhabited by an amorous couple, a man and a woman. Their lives are well organised: the surroundings are beautiful, they have time for each other and time for themselves. But one morning bodies wash up on the beach, first only a few adults, then a child.
He does everything he can to continue life as it was and not allow anything to upset it. She becomes increasingly affected. Whereas the loving couple used to be so compatible in being silent, their silence is now an abyss of incomprehension. She might have been able to save the child or hold it, she thinks, if only he had helped her. Or is she actually a coward, and simply looking for an excuse in him so that she doesn’t have to act? Why does he say nothing?

De Vloed is about our ability to share the feelings of others, how we behave when something threatens our happiness, and the impact of the world on our private lives. 

€ 17
€ 13 / € 9 (-26)