De Helden

Josse De Pauw & Dominique Pauwels / LOD muziektheater & KVS

Is a human capable of giving his life? For his land, for his lover, for his beliefs? Can heroes really exist or are they just an indispensable part of uplifting stories? And if they have existed, was the thing they gave their life for worth dying for? And if they still exist, what would they now give their life for? And do heroes themselves know they are heroes?

The Heroes is a monologue that Josse De Pauw wrote to raise questions about heroism and its present meaning. The historian Sophie De Schaepdrijver assists him in his quest for a contemporary definition. Domnique Pauwels composed the music, based on voices and concrete sounds. What would the head sound like, of the person speaking here? Not everything is fixed in a score, and the text is in direct contact with the sounds and music. By having the technician Brecht Beuselinck work live on stage, Josse De Pauw wants to build on the polyphony of heroism each night.

A man, a photo of his child, a flag of his country, a book, worn by reading, by a great thinker who inspired him, the speech by a great leader, the hundred and seventy-five commandments of an ancient god… Broken-down props of a human life. Everything has its own story, everything has its own voice, an individuality. That’s how this man’s head sounds. The man himself: he expresses his doubts.

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