Lisbeth Gruwez & Yassin Mrabtifi

Day of Dance is a celebration of dance all over Flanders and Brussels. On the third edition on Saturday April 28th 2018 young and old can enjoy shows, workshops, open rehearsals, film screenings, dance battles and the like in venues large and small as well as out in the open air. The fourth edition of the Day of Dance will be held on Saturday April 27th 2019. Put this date in your agenda and come see for yourself just what the art of contemporary dance has to offer in your area! At KVS you can assist to an open rehearsal of Lisbeth Gruwez' new creation or watch Yassin Mrabtifi perform. 


Voetvolk / Lisbeth Gruwez

Following her ‘triptych of the ecstatic body’, Lisbeth gruwez is radically changing course. The eruptive choreographies to which she owes her cast-iron reputation (Peter Verhelst once called her ‘an atomic bomb’) are now making way for constantly swirling magma. The sea Within will be a magnetic performance in which Lisbeth no longer wants to rein in the chaos, but leaves it to create its own order.

For the first time in her career she will not be dancing her choreography herself, but has selected a group of eleven female dancers. They will perform a new, contemporary ritual in which the ‘we’ embraces the ‘i’.
PRACTICAL: 28.04.2018 - 17:00 - KVS BOL

Yassin Mrabtifi has been dancing since he was thirteen. He is an autodidact who always goes in search of his own style. Like many other hip hop dancers, Yassin learned styles like popping, locking and breakdance in train and metro stations in Brussels. 
PRACTICAL: 28.04.2018 - 16:30 - KVS BOX - free entrance