C'est parce que tu t'arrêtes de pédaler que ton vélo va s'arrêter

De Vélo

15 songs performed by 21 voices. Each voice with a different background, brought together by a shared passion for the stage. C’est pas parce que tu t’arrêtes de pédaler que ton vélo va s’arrêter is a performance by the social-artistic theatre company Forsiti'A. You do not always know whether it is serious or funny, but it is never tiresome. It's about survival in the city, in what are called the margins. And about not being alone. When, if your legs have run out of energy someone else will shove your bike forward for you. It is about pride and happiness. About how rich you are even though according to the current standards you may have next to nothing. A theatre of dreamers.

Forsiti'a presents a heart-warming story from our hard-hit capital of Brussels, with a colourful mix of people. This performance is a boost in anxious days, a bright light in the darkness!



€ 20 (cat.1) / € 17 (cat.2)
€ 17 (cat.1) / € 13 (cat.2) / € 9 (-26)