The KVS is the Brussels City Theatre. 
Our unique position in the capital of Flanders, Belgium and Europe is the alpha and omega of our operations. The KVS aims to reinterpret the repertoire in relation to the city that is more than ever the whole world. The KVS embraces the city and its plurality and intends to amplify its artistic voice in the arts field.


The TOERNEE GENERAL-label has become a classic: a common selection by the KVS and the Théâtre National, a fine, varied range of what both theatres have on offer in the upcoming season.

Brussels, Toernee General, Théâtre National

LONGREAD Wanna play, drarrie?

Theatre-makers Junior Mthombeni and Sylvie Landuyt talk about their stage plans

Brussels, Sylvie Landuyt, Junior Mthombeni

Focus Claus 2017-18

It is already ten years since one of the leading, if not the single most important, post-war Belgian authors, died. On 19 March 2008, Hugo Claus, who had long suffered from Alzheimer's disease, opted for euthanasia. Precisely ten years after his death, we pay tribute with two productions.


The Lexicon of our City Dramaturges

In a genuine essay style, the KVS city dramaturges Kristin Rogghe, Tunde Adefioye and Gerardo Salinas guide you through what we are offering in the new theatre season.


Michael De Cock explains

When you called me chéri for the first time, a shiver went down my spine. It was not a pet name, thrown at me from a distance, but a word, meant for my ears only, that cut through Brussels’ cold winter air. You repeated it a couple of days in a row.


City Dramaturge Gerardo Salinas on New Urbanity

We are living in very special times, in my view the most exciting period in the history of mankind. in the face of migration surges, urban sprawl and new technologies, the world has become a multifaceted village.

Brussels, nieuwe stedelijkheid, Gerardo Salinas

SLOW#02: letter from Quinsy Gario to Brussels

To wrap up the quick-paced changes in the city, KVS has launched SLOW. Through spoken word and urban theatre, SLOW (Slam Our World) brings the inspiring artistic undercurrent of the street to the stage.

Brussels, SLOW#02, Guinsy Gario

22 March / Rise Up

Poetry has the capacity to evoke the inexpressible. What does it mean to feel at home somewhere – or nowhere? What is the impact of terrorist attacks on a life, and on a city?

Brussels, Sukina Douglas, Rise up, slam poetry

Learning how to walk: an essay on space

The stage setting for Learning how to walk was designed by the artist Jozef Wouters. ‘You might call it an essay on space. It is a shared quest in space; a conversation in straw, wood and stone,’ says Wouters.

Brussels, Jozef Wouters, Damaged Goods