Arabische nacht

De Roovers

A block of flats in a city on a warm summer night. There is no water on the eighth, ninth and tenth floors. As if it had vanished somewhere on the seventh floor. Lomeier, the caretaker, hears the water flowing behind the walls and goes in search of it. His quest leads him to flat 7-32, where Fatima Mansur lives with Francisca Deken, who falls asleep on the sofa every night and only wakes up when the sun rises again. In her dreams she is an Arab princess. No one is able to awaken her, until one night three men try to kiss her: Lomeier, the caretaker, Fatima’s friend Kalil, and Peter Karpati, the romantic voyeur from the flat opposite. A game of desire and chance brings them all together in a hallucinatory trip.

Folowing De Gouden Draak, de Roovers have once again opted for a play by Roland Schimmelpfennig: Arabische Nacht. The author lived in Istanbul for a time and while there wrote this Thousand and One Nights fairytale.

€ 20 (cat.1) / € 17 (cat.2)
€ 17 (cat.1) / € 13 (cat.2) / € 9 (-26)