4.48 Psychosis


Jan Steen has directed two versions of what he calls ‘one of the most powerful plays of the last fifteen years’. It is a stirring and eventful stream of thought that expresses not only the pain and fear of living, but also sings the praises of the love of living and the desire to live because of love. Sarah Kane wrote 4.48 Psychosis in a state of deep depression, a couple of months before she committed suicide at the age of 28. Two actors, Lien Wildemeersch and Benjamin Cools, each took on this moving play in their separate ways. The way they each encounter the play on the basis of their ‘differentness’ turned out to be a determining factor in how ‘different’ their versions are. The audience sees the two identical yet completely different versions in a single evening. Together they form a single whole. They are connected to each other and resonate in each other. The script used for the performance is Kane’s original English version.

€ 17
€ 13 / € 9 (-26)